Thursday, February 28, 2013

Light is Everywhere (Part II)

Do you believe that every one has something good inside? I do. Sometimes it may seem harder to find in some people rather than others. As children of God we all have great potential to shine bright and to do good. We don't know everything that people are going through or where they may have been in their lives. I know I have had my share of tough days and weeks and may have been cranky. If you met me for the first time that day you may think, "What a jerk!" You might actually be right, but my mom would beg to differ. She has been around me since day one. She has seen my jerk side and my good side and she still loves me. That motherly love is what we need to practice in day to day living. We meet new people everyday and we judge from the get go. What if we started out by giving someone the benefit of the doubt and second chances from the start? What if we started to see others as they may become?

Awesome w/old people, Very thoughtful, Creative!, Kind, Nice Smile, Really Sweet, Happy, Sweet, Honest

Funny, facebook fanatic, great smile, Confident, spunky, Fun, Makes people feel comfortable, Outgoing, friendly, Thoughtful, Scottish and awesome accent

Dedicated, Hard Worker, Really Nice!!!, Responsible, Smart, Kind, Professional, Observant

Happy, great leader!, sincere, charitable, inspirational, Really Cool, wise, good example

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