Friday, February 15, 2013

Light is Everywhere (Part I)


Today we decided to share how much we care about each other. It's important to know how good we really are. We sometimes beat ourselves up in the process of becoming. We see all of our flaws and compare them to the greatness of others. If we can look at ourselves for who we are now, especially in the light that we are children of God blessed and destined for greatness, then we will be ever more motivated and guided in our journey of becoming. Elder Richard G. Scott said  , "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day." If we see ourselves in the good we are "being" think about how much greater and more consistent our journey of becoming will be. 

Stunning, Happy, Motivated, Bright, Personality, Inspiring and Devoted, Smiles a lot, Passionate, Committed Friendly, Optimistic

Beautiful, Happy, Thoughtful, NEVER Negative, Sweet-makes everyone feel comfortable,  Bright, Sooooo Friendly, Very Welcoming, Happy

Outgoing, Hard-working, Motivated, easy going, wise, dedicated, Responsible

Chill, Hard Working, passionate, Impressive, Trendy, dedicated, super nice, Driven, Cute

Fun, Nice, thoughtful, :) Sweet, Driven, Hard-working, Intelligent, Beautiful inside and out, inviting

Creative, Inspiring, Generous, Super nice, Awesome, Smart, Beautiful
ps Kory wrote about his great roommate now married to Rachel

This is only half of my MAGNIFICENT class.  Aren't they great. The rest will be "appearing" next week in Part II. Stay tuned.  

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