Monday, January 18, 2016

Why I Watch What I Whatch

I was asked in my Family Media class "Why do you watch the things you watch?" One theorist said that the reason we choose to watch certain movies or shows are to:

  1. Be informed and educated
  2. Identify with characters
  3. Entertainment
  4. Enhance social interactions
  5. Escape from stress
  6. a lot more....
I agree that I have experienced each of these at one point and time. So the next question is, what do i watch? Right now I find my wife and I are watching The Flash, Arrow, Parks and Rec, and Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

If I did a case study on myself, I would say that first reason I watch these shows are for entertainment. I know that my wife and I get hooked on the stories. We consistently get on Netflix and watch a few episodes a week because the stories are compelling. We want to know what happens in the relationships. We want to know who the super villain is. We want to know how the good guy prevails. 

The second reason I watch these shows are to escape from stress. The times that my wife and I sit down and watch our shows are at night. We work at a school during the day, coach basketball teams in the afternoon, and in the evening we try to get a little school in. Once everything is done it's nice to relax before bed. We usually choose Parks and Rec because it's shorter and light. It allows us to calm down and laugh a little before bed and remember the world isn't so bad. 

The final main reason I choose to watch these shows are to identify with the characters. I like to watch these super hero shows because I want to make a difference in the world. I can't have super powers or become a vigilante, but watching them make the world a better place makes me want to do the same.

Now the next question to ask is Why do you watch what you watch?