Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dilemma (Ex:1)

There is an apartment of 6 guys: James, David, Bailey, Ty, Andrew, and Ian. Each of these fine gentlemen love to eat chips and salsa. They go through 3 bags of Juanitas and 1 large bottle of salsa just about every week. If they are lucky their salsa will last about two weeks, but that is if they are lucky.

In their apartment they share ALL their food. Ian may buy the groceries one we week and then they split it. Then maybe the next week James will go get the groceries and they all split it. It creates a unity in their apartment, but there is always a debate who should go get groceries. The greater debate though comes into the picture when they run out of chips and salsa before they need to get groceries again.

A week ago Andrew went to go buy groceries. When he went he bought all the favorite foods, most importantly he bought two bags of chips, but no salsa because there was plenty when he left. Ty and Bailey just got home from a long hard day at school. It's about 3:00 p.m. and they are famished and all they want are chips and salsa.  They look through the cupboards and the fridge. They realize that there is not enough chips and salsa for the both of them. There is only about a small bowl of chips left, mainly crumbs and MAYBE a half bowl of salsa left. Bailey says he will let Ty have the chips and salsa. Very grateful, Ty accepts. Ty finishes the chips and salsa and Bailey eats a sandwich. As they eat they get to talking about where all the chips and salsa went. Ian and James ate chips and salsa last night during a movie. They  ate plentifully (Leaving nothing for the next person)! They also remember David went to visit his family last night and said on the way back he would go to the grocery store on the way home to get some things they NEEDED. David came back with milk and bread, but no chips and salsa. Who is to blame? Who is the cause for the lack of chips and salsa? Who should go to the store to buy more chips and salsa?

Andrew-He could have bought more in the first place
Bailey-He let Ty eat the chips and salsa, therefore he forced the responsibility on Ty. He couldn't have had a sandwich if David didn't buy the bread
Ty-He accepted Bailey's offer and He finished the chips
Ian and James- worked together to leave absolutely nothing for the next person. Do you like it when you are left with the crumbs
David-He said he was going to the store knowing that chips and salsa were low

You be the judge.

James, David, Ian, Andrew, Ty, Bailey

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  1. That's easy! Ty's parents are to blame because they don't send their son, Ty enough money to buy an endless supply of chips.