Friday, October 26, 2012

Motivation Matters

My sister's team won district when I was home. Motivation Matters!

I missed last week’s blog because I went home for the weekend. Yes, that is in Arkansas. Yes that is far. Yes it was great. I really needed it. It was a trip that I took because I needed to really think about how things are in my life and where they are going. I seriously got to think about a lot while I was at home. It was great. 

PG football undefeated. Motivation Matters
Class this week was really good because the trip was really exciting, but when I got to the airport I wanted to cry. I wanted to turn around and go home. I really didn’t want to come back. A class about motivation was what I needed. In class when Jessica asked the question “what motivates you,” my mind went through a process. What motivates me? What do I do? Why do I do it? 

So I made a list of things I do: workout, have scripture study, school, homework, eating, and work. 

Then I grouped them into categories: 1) workout and study 2) school and homework 3) Eating/Break 4) Work

Then I wrote why I do them:
1) To have a calm peaceful day, working ahead, preparing, focused on longer lasting things
2) have to make it in the world, parents are paying
3) get hungry, enjoy a time to stop and relax
SF NL Champs. Down 3-1 in series.
Motivation Matters
4) feel like I’m contributing to my life, more self-reliant, money

It made me realize what things I am focused on and what I am doing for the right reasons. Obviously 1,3,4 are all inspired by good motives. They are things that are motivated from within. But 2 is more like I’m being forced. Sadly that is what I spend most of my time on. It’s annoying just going to school without a reason or purpose. I am trying to figure out what I want to do, but it’s just not clicking yet. I don’t want to waste my parent’s money or my time. I could be doing things more enjoyable and worth my time than just aimlessly doing homework. 

From the paragraph above and the points for why I do certain things I hope you can see that my motivation is comes from inside. I feel very strong about that. If the desire is there things will get done. You can’t force someone to do something. How do you get people to work or do things then? They need to catch the vision. Just like in any sport if you really want to participate, you have to have the ball. You can only do so much without it. You can block, screen, cover the base, but until the ball is in your hands you alone only contribute so much. The good thing is that in a family, school, work, or in social settings the vision can be held by more than one person unlike a ball. A lot of people believe that getting hyped is motivating people. That can only last so long. If someone can see where they are going they are more likely to work towards in that direction.

A good example of that is Nelson Mandela. A man that comes out of jail, becomes president, and then changes a nation! How did he do it? Two great things he did. First he had a vision. He helped those he was with to see the vision. And instead of working to get somewhere, he worked as if he was already there. His example of living what he saw inspired others. The people began to see that living in unity was a real possibility. That is what things became.  

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