Friday, October 5, 2012

3 for 3

What do you think of the bike? I went looking around Friday after work. I drove all the way up to Taylorsville thinking I had found a good deal online. Nope. But I was pointed in the right direction and I knew what I was looking for. I needed a 57-61cm frame. I didn’t need a SUPER decked out racing bike. I just needed a simple standard racing bike that could make good time across the United States. I found it. It was on KSL listed at a great price. It was all the way up in COVE, UTAH! That’s a few minutes from the Idaho border. I decided, “Why not!”  I pulled out the money, just in case I liked it I could buy it. I decided to leave Friday night, seeing how it is almost 3 hours away. I drove up to Logan Friday night. I slept overnight in my truck at the Logan temple. I woke up and went for a walk around the temple, read my scriptures, then went the last 20 minutes to Cove to see the bike at 8:30. I met Stephen. He was a great guy. He was trying to get rid of his bike because he might be moving down to Provo or Arizona and wanted to get rid of some stuff. I thought I would help him out seeing how it was a great deal and a great bike.
Like the outfits?

I went on a date Friday afternoon. It was a group date with my apartment and an apartment of girls from my ward. We split into two teams. We went on a picnic to eat dinner and then we went to “DI” to do a scavenger hunt. It wasn’t a huge thing, but I did it. I need to put a little more effort into the next one. If it makes anyone feel better I did ask someone on a date. It won’t be for another two weeks though, but its progress, right? 

Look I really did go!
Home teaching was great. We have this wonderful girl in our ward. She’s very quiet and lives out of the ward boundary but has permission to come to our ward. I’m so glad. She is so nice. I thought she was going to be shy with us but she was very open.  I found out she loves basketball and wants to be a basketball coach! I heard that and I was super excited! We got along great. It’s going to be a fun semester home teaching her. I hope we can help her more than she helped me today. 

This week I don’t have to put up a post but I wanted to report on my goals last week.  I can proudly say I got them all done!

Written September 29 and 30 (edited/Oct 5)

It was such a pretty drive. All the trees were red and orange.

That's just pretty! (Logan Sunrise)

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  1. Good Job on completing your goals! It looks like they all worked out fabulously!! Thanks for sharing Ty!