Thursday, September 6, 2012

Servant Leadership- Dean Cox


I sat down in class and heard a lot of people talking about quizzes and homework. I was a little confused as to what they were talking about. I was in room C354 in the Eyring Science Center. The class was small. I thought I was in the right place. I asked the girl to my right what class it was. She said, "Chem dkfjasi." I got lost after she said chem. I left. Obviously. I luckily discovered what room I was supposed to be in and and then I got to class just in time to hear the end of Dean Cox's bio. He stood up and gave a great lecture on Servant Leadership. From what I could observe in his teachings and examples (2) a servant leader is someone who is to lead a people, but does it by helping those he works with, doing it with them, and giving of his or herself  for those they lead. Dean Cox gave us some great stories of people who were student leaders. I thought the most interesting was the one he told about Wilbur Birthwaite. He was a coach of Dean Cox and really inspired him through his commitment to help the students and not just focus on winning. He built the students not a program where students would just come and win.

Look at my dad's face. How do you see servant leadership?
 (3) A great example of a servant leader in my life are my parents. They are in charge of the house. They are to provide for me until I can by myself. They make sure I don't get into to much trouble. Right? They never took the role as a babysitter or ruler of the house. Both my mother and father would treat me as I they wanted to be treated. That really surprised me now. Instead of yelling at me to do something. They would either just do it or most of the time calmly ask me to do whatever it was I was to do. I learned so much from that example. I can do things for myself. I can ask someone calmly and humbly and they will do it. Why? Because of the true interest or love they had for me. That is the most powerful part of servant leading as Dean Cox explained in his lecture. (1) I want to try to apply this principle of sincere interest in my life. I know that I have had a bad attitude in my classes this week as school has started. I have been rather reserved in my classes, to myself. Why? I don't really know but it's not really fun. I need to be a little more friendly to my classmates. Should I get do this for this class, no. I'm not going to either, but I have noticed the difference that comes just in a simple kind communication with someone rather than not saying anything at all. You feel better. My goal is to meet at least 5 people by the next class.  You will at least know there first names by next week.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Right?

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