Monday, February 8, 2016

Educational Media

Media. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I personally believe it's a two sided coin. Like most things you could make a list of 100 reasons why it does or does not work in your favor. I do however see a trend of people having a perception that media means technology and all they provide: iPhones, iPads, Facebook, Movies, TV etc. All of these things can get a negative wrap for time wasters. I would partially agree. A lot of forms of media today do simply provide entertainment. The catch, however, is that we all use it and we all devour it.

I want to try to make short argument that media is good and that media should be a stronger mean in our school system. What does that mean? Let me explain. What if we had actual video games for learning? What if you were a character and traveled through time and recreate history to learn history? Or what if you grammar worksheet became a new deciphering code to find a hidden treasure? I believe this something that would be beneficial. I am going to do it. Why?

The first argument I believe one might get is, kids are already sucked into these things. You can hardly pull them away. I would say EXACTLY! You can't pull them away to socialize, eat, exercise, or even do their homework. Why don't you bring that to them. Build on the strength. If that's what they like GREAT! PERFECT! Make school entertaining. It's true, not everything is entertaining, nor should be, but it's the world we live in and school is way behind. I believe there is a way to create a game that can displace the video games we know. They can be less violent, more educational, and be used to get them to do their homework. It's a weak argument on my part, but it's a start.

The second argument might be, why are we replacing texts books with media. That would never work. I learned in my Media and Family Development class media comes from the Latin word, medium. It means in between or middle. It is the source by which we produce a message. Example newspaper, books, art, music, etc. Now if this is the case books and video games are on the same playing field. It's simply a friend to the book. It's not to be substitute for traditional learning but a aid to help get with the times and get kids more engaged in what they are learning.

An example, Big Brainz. It is SWEET! It's a game for math. I have been using it with some of my kids that struggle in math. I had them use it to practice their times tables. One of their first test score was a 51 and they are already up to a 71 in two weeks!

This is my passion to bring kids to education in stead of bringing education to kids. Give them a reason and a desire to learn and they will do it on their own. I have learned in my classes that a kid who doesn't want to eat carrots might be annoying to a parent. You know he needs to eat vegetables if he is to survive. However, the kid loves peas! Why who knows why. Give them the peas. They are a still vegetables. Let him it eat the peas don't force him to eat carrots. Kids don't like lectures or boring white pages with black texts. Give them media, just in a the form of peas!

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