Saturday, July 19, 2014

Champion For the Cause: Come Hear the Story!

In the church an even like this is called a "fireside". Our objective in this fireside is to strengthen the testimonies, of those who come, in the Savior Jesus Christ. We will do this by asking three main questions:

  1. Why do I believe in Jesus Christ?
  2. What is the purpose of my life?
  3. How can I be a better Christian?
We are not going to answer these questions for you. These are all personal questions that only you can answer. We will give our answer by sharing three stories.
  1. Elder McKay Gregson's Senior Night Basketball Game
  2. Elder McKay Gregson's Mission
  3. What we have learned from our mission
As you come we know you will feel God's love. I feel it every day with my brother. I am not perfect and just like brothers do we have disagreements. However, when I look at him and see how much God loves him, it helps me to want to be better. I know if you come you will start to develop answers to these questions. Those answers will sink deep into your heart. They will be answers that will last and you can always draw back on when times get tough. Bring a pen/pencil and some paper. You'll want to write down the thoughts that come to your mind and heart. 

AUGUST 10 6:30 PM 
1701 N Hickory Ave, Broken Arrow, OK

Come hear the story of my little brother, Elder McKay Gregson. You won't be disappointed. 

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